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Rose Silver

I am a PhD student in computer science at Northeastern University. I’m interested in algorithms, privacy, and the interplay between theory and practice. My advisor is Jonathan Ullman. I’m a member of Northeastern’s Theory Group and Cryptography and Privacy Group. You can reach me at

Besides computer science, my current hobbies include: singing with the Marsh Chapel Choir, learning Spanish, and discovering the best cafes in Boston.

Research Projects

Note: In theoretical computer science, it is customary to sort the authors of each paper alphabetically.

Differentially Private Medians and Interior Points for Non-Pathalogical Data (ITCS’24)
Aliakbarpour M, Silver R, Steinke T, Ullman J.
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Box-Ball Systems and RSK Tableaux (FPSAC’22)
Drucker B, Garcia E, Gunawan E, Silver R.
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Senior Thesis: Triangulations of Cambrian Lattices of Type A
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